Crypto exchanges: tips for picking your exchanges and our home exchanges

In order to trade in crypto it is necessary to use a crypto exchange. On this page we provide you with an overview of reliable crypto exchanges. We also explain what to look for when choosing your favourite crypto exchange as well as the various types of exchanges that exist. Please checkout this page regularly since we might add or delete certain exchanges over time.

What is a crypto exchange

Let’s start with the beginning. A crypto exchange is a marketplace where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency can do transactions online to buy or sell their cryptocurrency. There are two major differences in exchanges that are important when you pick an exchange to do business. First of all you need to know the difference between a fiat cryptocurrency exchange and a pure cryptocurrency exchange. Another difference is the difference between a ‘deposit exchange’ and an instant exchange.

Fiat cryptocurrency exchange vs. pure cryptocurrency exchanges

When you look for a suitable crypto exchange you might wonder how your first transaction should be done. In that case you have to choose a fiat cryptocurrency exchange since a fiat crypto exchange allows you to exchange money for a cryptocurrency. A pure cryptocurrency exchange only allows you to exchange one crypto currency for another.

Deposit crypto exchanges vs. instant exchanges

When you want to exchange cryptocurrency some exchanges will require that you put a deposit upfront. This means you stall your money or cryptocurrency with the exchange to be ready to do a transaction. An instant exchange does not request a deposit but will execute your trade orders directly as long as you can fulfil their financial requirements at that time.

We are hesitating in discussing deposit crypto exchanges because the risk of any malversation is to big since another (often unknown) party has access to your (crypto) currency.

What to consider when choosing your crypto exchange?

Off course you want to make sure you pick a trustworthy provider to be your crypto exchange of choose. Therefore we provide you with five tips to look for when you pick a cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Are you choosing a centralised or decentralised crypto exchange?                  A centralised crypto exchange proceeds all transactions in one (central) place. A central point also means a central point for all risks regarding crypto trading, creating a ‘single point of fault’. You’ll avoid this by using a decentralised exchange. Nevertheless, 99% of the transactions is still completed on a centralised exchanges due to the aspects mentioned hereafter.
  2. Does your cryptocurrency exchange have enough liquidity?                                     Since the market for crypto trading is still in full development, it’s sometimes hard for exchanges to react on a boost of ‘sell’ of ‘buy’ requests. When the exchange doesn’t have the liquidity to handle directly a time-frame will occur between order and execution of the order. Especially in a volatile market, this can cause serious losses or missed gains for traders.
  3. What are the costs of services?                                                                                                  As always it is important to keep the costs of investing as low as possible. Therefore, it’s important to keep transaction costs as low as possible. Based on the sort transaction and frequency of transactions you can calculate and compare the costs.
  4. Does the crypto exchange offer the cryptocurrency you want to trade?          Not all crypto exchanges provide the opportunity to trade in all currencies, so it’s important to get to know upfront which currencies are provided by an exchange.
  5. Is the crypto exchange available in an understandable language?                     We can imagine that, when your financial interests are at stake, you prefer trading in your mother-tongue. Therefore we provide several credible crypto exchanges in various mother-tongues.

Our home crypto exchanges

Based on the criteria mentioned above and various rating sites on the internet we have selected various crypto exchanges that are, in our judgement, trustworthy and provide good services. We also provide several cryptocurrency exchanges to consider when English is not you mother-tongue.

International operating cryptocurrency exchanges

We have picked three international operating cryptocurrency exchanges as home crypto exchanges. This means we will refer to these exchanges for trading and also use the practices of these exchanges as an example. Below you’ll find our selection of crypto exchanges for those with a non-English mother-tongue.

the three international cryptocurrency exchanges are:

Changelly cryptocurrency exchange

Changelly is a hybrid international cryptocurrency exchange. Hybrid in this context means that you can use fiat facilities as well as pure crypto exchange facilities. You can visit their site, get to know them and sign up for Changelly. crypto exchange is an international multi-user crypto exchanges. Since they work in layers they are able to provide you with the support needed in every phase of expertise of crypto, whether you wish to buy a first Bitcoin or you’re an institutional expert. Are you curious, than peak around before you register with

Binance crypto exchange

Binance is one of the largest and most trustworthy crypto exchanges around. With a certified capacity of proceeding 1.400.000 transactions per second they will support you fast, even when the market is under pressure. Feel free and have a look before you create an account at Binance.

Crypto exchanges with non-English mother-tongue

When your mother-tongue is not English, you might find it a convenient taught to handle your financial matters in your mother-tongue.  Therefore we provide an overview with various international crypto exchanges.

Dutch cryptotrader?: Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Bitvavo

When you’re looking for a trustable cryptocurrency exchanges that provides services in Dutch and French and also is Dutch based you should consider Bitvavo, a Dutch exchange offering 37 crypto coins and providing wallets as well. Take a look and meld je aan bij Bitvavo ou s’inscrire avec Bitvavo.


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